Posting versus Editing: The Main Event

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I have come across a daunting dilemma lately.  I have been torn between two things that are important, and both must be accomplished.  Ladies and gentlemen…people of all ages and backgrounds…tonight’s matchup is a going to be a grueling battle…welcome to the main event.  In the red corner, from the vivid imagination, I give you the wonderful, the amazing, the enjoyable aspect of owning a blog, Posting a Blog!  Oooh, ahhh!  And in the the blue corner, coming from the depths of cyberspace, I give you the heavyweight champion of the world wide web, the evil, the grim, the nasty side of it all, Editing the Site!  Oooh!  Now, let’s make this a fair fight, no biting, no low blows.  I give you Posting versus Editing!  Shake hands.  Now, fight!

This is what has been going through my brain lately, especially since my site is still in its toddler stages.  I’ve had so many ideas about how to improve my site itself, but the task of actually doing it takes a long time for me right now, as I am still learning quite a bit about site design, webmastering, SEO, plugins, etc.  It has been exhausting trying to get the jumpstart my site needs, but I want to share my stories, my ideas, my adventures.

That’s the other side of it.  I want to share.  I am a story teller and a writer at heart.  I want to get out and find inspiration to share my stories through exploration.  I want to write and post more articles for my wonderful, amazing fans.

How do I do both?  Well, I guess I need to sit down and set up a calendar and split up my days so my mind isn’t constantly jumping to how to update my theme on my site in the middle of writing a story about one of my adventures.  I need to schedule my days and my time to stay organized and on track.  I need to get myself a planner, and set specific items I want to accomplish.  I have felt lately that I have been spending too much time working on the site itself, and sometimes forget to post.  Or, I start writing a post, save it, and forget to actually complete it and post it.  I guess organization is key.

I’m not going to just wing it, as this is important to me.  I want you all to love what I write and share.  I want you all to enjoy yourselves whenever you visit my page.

So, to my loyal fans, I apologize.  Bare with me as I get this whole thing underway.  I will get this thing on track and make sure that The Outdoor Soul is what you have been looking for.


Please let me know what you think.

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