Want To Guest Post?

So…you’re interested in writing a guest post for The Outdoor Soul, eh? I’m excited about your interest. I look forward to working with many other bloggers/writers, and sharing others’ articles in addition to my own on The Outdoor Soul.

As I do receive quite a bit of guest posting requests, I can’t guarantee that I will use everything submitted. Here are some guidelines for you to increase the chances of getting your guest post published on The Outdoor Soul.

Please make sure that your article:

  • includes interesting, high-quality, clear and engaging content that readers of The Outdoor Soul would enjoy and can relate to
  • does not infringe any copyright laws
  • is written exclusively for and contains content exclusively used for The Outdoor Soul


Your topics for an acceptable guest post must fall within the interests of the readers of The Outdoor Soul. Please keep in mind that our target audience is outdoor adventurers. Usually, the articles chosen for publication will include a personal story to allow the readers to relate to you, and not just provide straight, boring information as if coming from a computer or robot. Get creative! Write like you are having a conversation with a close friend. Keep it lighthearted and add a little bit of humor or spice to your article.

I do welcome gear reviews, but they must be from a 3rd party. If you represent a company, I would love to speak with you about some opportunities I can offer you.


I want to be able to properly introduce you to my readers. Your bio should be two to four sentences introducing yourself. Up to 2 links back to your website can be included in your Bio.


Please submit your article in Word, RTF or .txt format. Bold any headings or subheadings. Include the URL in brackets within the composition, immediately after the text you’d like to use as the link text. Note that I will not publish affiliate links in any guest post. I will only allow links back to your website if it is relevant within the article.


Your article is to be written exclusively for The Outdoor Soul. Please, no re-posts of other articles. I want to see your original content only with no borrowed text for publication on The Outdoor Soul.


Please include images placed within the original article submission, where you would like it to be placed. Full, high-quality images will be required, separately in .jpg or .png formats only. Images must follow the Exclusivity and Copyright guidelines.


All articles submitted as a guest post may be edited for grammar, spelling, or content rework. Any editing changes will be provided to you for final approval before publishing. I may also provide an introductory paragraph, to be added before the article, which will be provided to you in advance as well.

Article Length

I do not have a specific length requirement. Please make the length of the post as long as you need it to be in order to tell your story, as long as it is of high quality. Be yourself, not just an informative robot.

Please email me at bobklann@theoutdoorsoul.net with the email subject “Guest Post Submission Request”. I look forward to reading and considering each and every submission.