GYLBO?!? What the heck is GYLBO?

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So, I bet you’re wondering…what the heck is GYLBO? Well, it stands for Get Your Lazy Butt Outside. I have always loved the great outdoors and everything it entails. Excitement, adventure, nature, relaxation, and just plain getting away from normal everyday life. Too many people these days are stuck in the social media world, glued to their laptops, smart phones, and tablets, always worrying about work and if people are going to “like” their recent posts.

I live in a suburban neighborhood and work in the city, but all I ever really look forward to is getting outside, enjoying nature and all its beauty, getting my kayak in the water and heading down some river I’ve never seen, or tossing my fishing line in the water on a new lake that I’ve never laid eyes on. I want to take my wife and kids camping to hike trails and see some amazing sights (waterfalls, cliffs, mountains, rivers, lakes, ravines, caves). You name it, if it’s NOT man made, and created by nature, I want to see it and experience it. I want to zip line over it, climb it, hike it, explore it, dip my shoeless toes in it. Give me adventure to fill my soul.

Haven Hill Nature Preserve view of the lake
Haven Hill Nature Preserve view of the lake
Bishop Lake Fishing Pier
Bishop Lake Fishing Pier

I want to share my outdoor experiences with all of you. I want to share my dreams of places I want to visit. I want to share photos, videos and memories of my outdoor expeditions and excursions. I want to create and tell stories about my adventures. I want to hear your similar experiences and share the enjoyment we all get in the natural world that is available to us, and begging us to explore.

This is the beginning of a very exciting journey. So, come along with me for a ride of a lifetime. Join me on this journey and find your Outdoor Soul.


Get Your Lazy Butt Outside.