No Matter the Cost…I Will Not Give Up

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It seems so long ago. This is delightfully surprising to me, especially because everything up until this point has seemed the complete opposite for me lately. You know that feeling that time seems to fly by quicker and quicker as you get older? Well, that was happening to me, until one day I decided to do something about my passion and start writing about it. I published my very first blog post about three and a half months ago, on the 23rd of August. I swear, since I overcame my fear of putting my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations out there for the whole world to see, time started to slow down for me.

This is an absolute amazing experience. I have been feeling that time was going by way too fast. I was watching my kids grow up too fast and felt like I was missing a lot. I wanted things to slow down a bit so I could enjoy this time in my life.

I have been having so much fun writing and putting together this blog, that I lost track of how much time was going by, but it wasn’t as you’d expect. I just looked back to the date of my first post to see that it was only three and a half months ago, but it really feels as if so much more time has gone by. This is my key, my ticket, my fountain of youth.

I have been reading a lot about starting a blog; suggestions, tips, etc. I have read that a lot of people start a blog and get so frustrated that they can’t build a big enough following or they struggle trying to get a large number of views. They feel so defeated within the first month or so that they give up and let their blog go.

I want to let you all know that I won’t be one of those. I have too much to say, too much to share. I am enjoying sharing my stories, ideas, tips and tricks, and outdoor shenanigans with you. I won’t let this defeat me, no matter the cost. I will stick it out and I will still be here when I’m old and grey.

My passion is the outdoors and writing about it. I love camping out with friends and family, getting away from city life, relying on my instincts and finding ways to live and enjoy my time without an electrical connection or Wi-Fi signal. I adore hiking, walking in the woods, enjoying the fresh air and the serenity that nature bestows, visiting undeveloped places that I never knew about before. I take delight in how close to the water a kayak allows me, discovering a river and the path it chose from beginning to end, getting a thrill out of all its twists and turns, curves and dips, its serene calmness at points and exciting, unforgiving rapids at others. I take great pride in writing, sharing my adventures, telling my stories, diving deep into my subconscious to find new and exciting ways to share all of these experiences with you.

I have connected with and started talking to a lot of really cool people, from outdoor sports professionals, to long-time hiking and backpacking experts, to owners of kayak and canoe liveries, campgrounds, and outdoor gear companies, as well as other outdoor bloggers and magazine editors and authors. Without this, I would not have had these opportunities.

I’m just saying that I am NOT going anywhere. Nothing is going to scare me away from this. Nothing is going to stand in my way of continuing what I started here. I can see the future of this blog, and it is wondrous. I can’t say that it will not have its ups and downs. I mean, nothing in life is easy. Nothing is perfect. Everything takes hard work and effort, will push you to your limits in both directions, will cause heartache and pain, will bring tears of joy and causes for celebration, will be full of opportunities and mistakes.

But I will learn from my mistakes. I will grow with my passion. I will take advice from others who have succeeded and will keep them as my friends. I will stay open to building friends with anyone who is interested in seeing me succeed. I will hold dear all the friendships and connections I have made along the journey. I will enjoy myself, my friends and my family as we adventure together, getting our fair share of well-needed Vitamin N.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or things that you want to see me write about, please comment on this or any other post, or contact me if you like. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what others have to say.

Until next time…uh, bdia, bdia, bdia, bdia, that’s all folks!

And remember…take your soul outdoors. It’ll thank you.

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