Gear Review: Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots

Featured Image: Gear Review: Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots

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Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 Mens Hiking Boots


Overall Durability




Ankle Support




Outdoor Gear Worthiness



  • Great Ankle Support
  • Shock Absorption for Longer, More Rugged Hikes
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Quick to Break In
  • Tough, Protective Toe-Cap


  • Just a Bit on the Heavier Side
  • Not For Warm-Weather Hikes
  • Needs More Sizing Options

Well, this year has definitely flown by. It’s hard to believe that Halloween is only a week away. I consider Halloween to be the beginning of the Holidays. That means time to start gearing up, not only for all of the family gatherings but also for fall...and soon after...winter hikes. It’s time to start checking your current gear to make sure you are ready for the change in weather.

After being contacted by Nortiv 8, asking me to try out their new line of hiking boots, the Armadillo 2, I came to the realization that it was time for a new pair of hiking boots for myself. Now, when I think about shelling out some big bucks for a quality pair of hiking boots, I know that this can be a tough cookie to swallow. A good pair of hiking boots can set you back a good chunk of change. Let me tell you...I'm kind of a research guy when it comes to this stuff. I did my due diligence in researching this boot and brand, along with comparing them to other brands of boots. I was in search of the best, most comfortable, most durable, and most affordable hiking boots, and man did I get lucky with these.

Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots around a campfire
Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots around a campfire

Not only the design of these caught my attention, but also the price tag. If you know me, you will understand that I’m not the kind of guy to buy all of these flashy, super-high-priced items. I’m modest and prefer utilizing my savings prowess to be able to do more with my family, rather than have the shiniest of things. These boots are budget-friendly and seemed to have some great reviews on Amazon. I had to get myself a pair and try them out on my own.

I have been trying these out for about a month now, and I am super happy with the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 finding my feet as companions. You can read my story, Hiking Mistakes That’ll Cost Ya’, to read about my misadventure hiking without paying close attention to my feet. This day has been burned in my mind, and now I am always focused on making sure I have the right footwear, be it socks as well as shoes or boots, for my hikes.

Let me share with you my review of the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 Mens Hiking Boots:

Weight Per Pair:


Sole Material:

Textured rubber outsole with a shock-absorbant EVA midsole

Upper Material:

Tough suede with extra padded tongue

Waterproof Technology:

Waterproof up to 4 hours in 10cm of water

Sizes Available:

Half sizes only available up to 10.5, then only full sizes available

What I Liked:

Great ankle support

Shock absorption for longer, more rugged hikes


Quick to break-in

Tough protected toe-cap

What I Didn't Like:

Just a bit on the heavier side

Not for warm-weather hikes

Needs more sizing options

Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boot
Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boot

The story continues...

After breaking them in for a few days, these puppies were ready. I was kind of impressed with how quickly they broke in, but at the same time, kept their tough and rugged shape. The first adventure I embarked on with them was our family fall color tour to Michigan's upper peninsula to Tahquamenon Falls. You will soon be able to read all about it in an upcoming post.

We did quite a bit of hiking, where I was able to give the boots a pretty good beating. Especially our hike from where the riverboat docked to where we were able to get an up-close and personal view of the upper falls from the other side of the river, where your typical visit would put you. It was raining and was a moderately challenging hike. This was perfect as I got to try out the water-resistant capabilities of the boots.

My feet felt comfortably hugged in them. They kept my feet warm and dry very well. The ankle support was fabulous, and I was very impressed with the shock absorption on these as well. The grippiness was impressive, and without the toughness of the toe, let me tell you! There was once that, without realizing it, I completely just kicked this small rock sticking out of the ground and bit the dirt. It wasn't my toe that hurt, but my hands and face as well as just a little bit of my pride.

After this hike and constantly jumping in and out of my car to catch some amazing photos of the fabulous fall colors of northern Michigan, these boots held up perfectly. I am elated to have had these fall in my lap. The price on them is perfectly budget-friendly, and I would definitely pick up a pair of these for yourself.

Now, keep one thing in mind, as these are not super breathable due to the water resistance of the boots, so they may not be a good boot for warm summer days, but definitely for your fall and winter treks.

Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 Men's Hiking Boots - 3 different colors
Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 Men's Hiking Boots - 3 different colors

What are you waiting for? Click here to get yourself a pair, and don't forget to pick up some as gifts for your fellow hiking buddies or family members. You know, Christmas isn't that far away.