The Journey to My First Hiking Book: A Trail of Words and Wilderness

A Hiking Solo Guide: Just Me, The Trees, and My Thoughts (Help!) Mockup

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Hello, Fellow Wilderness Explorers of The Outdoor Soul!

It's me, Bob – your go-to outdoorsman, dad-joke connoisseur, and now, believe it or not, a newly minted author. That's right, I've swapped my hiking boots for typing shoes (just kidding, I wrote most of it in socks) to bring you my first hiking book, "A Hiking Solo Guide: Just Me, The Trees, and My Thoughts (Help)!"

The Wild Idea

Let's rewind to six years ago, when "The Outdoor Soul" was just a sapling. It was here, amidst tales of trails and the aroma of virtual campfire coffee, that the seed for this book was planted. This wasn't just about sharing my solo hiking escapades; it was about bottling the essence of nature, one word at a time, and sprinkling in enough of my dad humor to keep you chuckling along the way.


The Dadlife-Writing Balance

Picture this: a dad and husband trying to write a book while juggling life with now a spirited 7-year-old and a 12-year-old who's already smarter than him, as well as an absolutely amazing wife who had to put up with my ramblings, ideas, and time typing away on my computer. My writing sessions often looked like a chaotic sitcom – I'd be deep in a chapter, only to be interrupted by a spirited need to show me the latest Minecraft world dreamt up, or needing to referee an impromptu sibling wrestling match, or sinking into the couch with my wife in my arms while we streamed a few episodes of our favorite show.

My kids, in their own unique ways, were a constant source of inspiration and interruption (bless their hearts). They reminded me that every adventure, whether on a mountain or in a manuscript, is better with a bit of unpredictability.

And my wife, the unsung hero of this entire endeavor, was a beacon of support and patience. Her role in this journey can't be overstated. While she inspired many of the tales that found their way onto the pages, she also bore the brunt of my absences – both physical and mental – as I delved into the world of writing.

She was the calm in the storm of creativity, often taking the helm of our family ship when I was lost in a sea of words and ideas. Her understanding and encouragement were like a steady wind guiding me back to shore. There were countless evenings spent with her managing the fort while I was holed up in my writing nook, typing away into the night, chasing deadlines, or wrestling with writer’s block.

More than just putting up with my writerly quirks, she was often the voice of reason, pulling me back when the lines between passion and obsession blurred. So, as I share this book with the world, I also share my deepest gratitude to my wife – for her inspiration, patience, and endless love. She has been the the woman who made it all possible while asking for nothing in return. This journey, with its highs and lows, its triumphs and challenges, has been a shared adventure, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Tales from the Trails

Each chapter of the book is steeped in my experiences - from serene solo hikes to those "why did I do this again?" moments. I wanted to share not just the how-to's but the why's and the what-the-heck's of solo hiking.


The Hurdles Along the Path

Oh boy, where to begin? Writer's block hit me like a misjudged jump over a puddle – often and with soggy consequences. Balancing work, family, and writing was like trying to stuff an overenthusiastic sleeping bag back into its bag. And let's not forget the publishing process, which felt like trying to solve a Rubik's cube in the dark with one hand tied behind my back (and I am not good at Rubik’s cubes, at all).

But much like a challenging hike, each obstacle was a chance to learn. I learned to write in the chaos, to find inspiration in the interruptions, and to appreciate every quiet moment (those were rare).


The Destination: A Book is Born

Fast forward to today, and "A Hiking Solo Guide" is no longer just a dream. It's a tangible, turn-the-page, laugh-out-loud reality. It's a book that combines my love for the great outdoors with a generous punch of humor, offering a fresh, lighthearted take on the solo hiking experience. It's more than just a guide; it's an invitation to chuckle, ponder, and journey through the wilderness with a smile.


A Heartfelt Thank You

This book is as much yours as it is mine. To my readers, friends, fellow hikers, and yes, even the skeptics – your support has been the extra layer of warmth on a chilly night under the stars.


Embark on This Adventure

The book is waiting for you on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but don't just take my word for it – see for yourself here on my blog. “A Hiking Solo Guide” is crafted for anyone with a love for nature or a penchant for engaging stories. Whether you're an experienced hiker or just someone who enjoys a well-told tale from the great outdoors, this book has something special for you.


Your Opinion is Gold (Or Trail Mix)

If you do pick up a copy (and I hope you do!), please consider dropping a review on Amazon, or on Barnes & Noble, or on both! Each review is like a badge of honor, a nod of acknowledgment from my fellow trail comrades.


Spread the Word Like You Would Sunscreen

Loved the book? Tell your friends, your family, your kids' soccer team – let's get everyone in on the adventure. Every share, every mention, helps this dad's dream reach new summits.

Until We Meet on the Trails (or in the Book Aisles). I sign off with a massive thank you and a pocket full of gratitude. Here's to more journeys, more stories, and more unexpected adventures. You never know what’s next to come.

Take your soul outdoors. It’ll thank you.


Bob Klann

The Outdoor Soul

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    1. Don, Thank you so much. It wasn’t easy juggling so many different things and being able to find the time to write, but it’s one of my passions. And to be able to combine multiple passions of mine is an amazing feeling. I’m glad to be able to share it with the world. Please enjoy the read and leave me a review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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