Posting versus Editing: The Main Event

I have come across a daunting dilemma lately.  I have been torn between two things that are important, and both must be accomplished.  Ladies and gentlemen…people of all ages and backgrounds…tonight’s matchup is a going to be a grueling battle…welcome to the main event.  In the red corner, from the vivid imagination, I give you […]

Haven Hill Historical Hike

It was Friday, and the day at work seemed to never end. I needed a release. Some good ol’ fresh air and nature should do the trick. I wanted a little bit of a challenge, so I started doing my research and decided that I want to get some good views on my hike after […]

Take Time To Cleanup Your Email

Okay, now I know that this isn’t an Outdoor entry, and I apologize in advance.  However, if you’re going to follow my journal, you are going to get some entries and stories that are off the beaten path.  This is my blog, by the way.  Isn’t it?  Okay then.  Now that we have that out […]